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The Feathers And Fleece Farm Giant Schnoodle

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At Feathers And Fleece Farm we breed the
Tiny Schnoodle - less than 15 lbs
Miniature Schnoodle - 15 lbs - 30 lbs.
Standard Schnoodle - 30 lbs - 50 lbs.
Giant Schnoodle - 50 lbs - 90 lbs.
Feathers And Fleece Farm
The happy two colored Puppy.

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The Schnoodle is considered the most intelligent of the doodle breeds,
with the intelligence of an 8 year old child.
Feathers And Fleece Farm breeds all three sizes...
All health tested parents.

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The Giant Schnoodle
At Feathers And Fleece Farm

The Giant Schnoodle is quickly moving into the number one position
 in the USA for family watch dog.

This is a position the Giant Schnauzer has enjoyed across the world for many years,
the United States is just taking notice.
The Giant Schnoodle is recognized as one of the smartest dog breeds,
that is hypoallergenic and non drooling as well as a good smelling
family pet. 
The Giant Schnoodle is very fond of children and
being part of the family unit. 
Easily trained and loyal to his owners.
At Feathers And Fleece we began raising the Giant Schnoodle as
an alternative to other working dog breeds.
At Feathers And Fleece Farm we were looking for a healthier working
dog with loyalty to the family and family farm. 
We had decided we were exhausted from years spent trying to keep
our dogs within our 30 acres of fenced property.
We opted to try the Giant Schnauzer hybrid in hopes that it would be content
within his fencing and want to be a part of the family.
We wanted a non alpha breed that would be good with children as well as other pets.
These are same reasons Americans are coming around to the Giant Schnoodle.
At Feathers And Fleece we raise the most social and confident of the Giant Schnoodle.
Feathers And Fleece Farm raises only the finest temperament Giant Schnoodles
of great health and disposition.
  Feathers And Fleece Giant Schnoodle puppies come from health tested parentage.
We have chosen our parents for good health, good temperament, and overall appearance.
Feathers And Fleece Farm clients have raved about their Giant Schnoodles
being the most social well behaved dog they have ever owned.
The coats of our Schnoodles, represent their parents breed
the Giant Schnauzer, glossy and soft, and non shedding.
Tails are docked and dewclaws removed.
The Giant Schnoodle is a strong and loving dog.
The Giant Schnoodle is often referred to as the living teddy bear.
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